Getting Started

What do you need first?

Well, it depends on what class you want to portray. During the Dark Ages, there were at least three separate classes. There was the kings and nobles at the top. There were the thralls or slaves at the bottom. There was no middle class such as we understand the term today, but in the middle were the freemen. Some were wealthy; some were not.

In Micel Folcland, it is our philosophy that one should not attempt an impression above what one is able to afford or to otherwise carry off. At least at this point, we attempt to represent "the average Anglo-Scandinavian on the cow path" (in the words of our Authenticity Officer). Although a thrall is a slave, we don't expect anyone portraying a thrall to have to wait on us hand and foot. We all take turns doing that! However, that status reflects what is worn. During most of history, a person's social status determined what was worn. We try to avoid the portrayal of rich or nobles altogether, so you only don't have to worry about preparing a kit that will cost too much. On the other end of the scale, a thrall often wore a simple wool gown or tunic. Head coverings were generally forbidden to thralls. Shoes were unnecessary. They had little kit. You can even wear clothing borrowed from others or from the group's store of loaner costume. For your first event on the ropeline, you need only bring yourself!

You can bring more, of course. It should just be accurate to your portrayal. You shouldn't expect to wear an expensive amulet with a threadbare thrall tunic. It might have happened, but it certainly would not have been usual for all our mythical Anglo-Scandinavians on the cowpath. And of course the AO must inspect it before it's allowed behind the ropeline, but keep in mind that the AO is not rejecting you. The AO will offer recommendations and suggestions toward a better portrayal, and members of Micel Folcland will try to help you with goods, knowledge and physical help as much as it can.

Let our officers know when you wish to attend an event so that necessary provisions can be made for you, such as clothing, sleeping arrangements and food at the communal meal. Keep in mind that living history can become an expensive hobby. Do not fall prey to the desire to buy more than you need or will use elsewhere. For your first event it is best if you let us lend you clothing to get through the weekend before you make a heavy investment. If you want to purchase fabric, sew an object or even buy finished items, please consult first with our AO! She will be glad to help determine if something will be acceptable or if it will just be something you can display over your fireplace!

It should be your objective to match or exceed the standards required by the group. We have a list of conventional standards and styles, but if you have or want a documentable object that is not on the list, we are always reasonable. Just give the AO the provenance for the object—at least two but preferably three citations—before doing all the work. Keep in mind that standards are objective. However, the buck has to stop somewhere, and we have decided that the buck stops with AO. Please follow her decisions. She is a reasonable person!

Re-enacting is not for everyone. If you object to a decision, don't expect the group to change just to accommodate you. Membership is required to participate in more than two events sponsored by Micel Folcland, but hopefully attendance at two events—shows or training events—will let you know whether Regia is worth the price for your participation! Keep in mind that if you do join, the members of Micel Folcland will do their best to welcome you and to help you acquire acceptable kit.

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