Paint Colors

The following are Sherwin Williams paints approved by hazel Uzzell during her trip to Micel folcland in 2007. The names are the names given by Sherwin Willianms and are not necessarily the name of the color in period.

SW0003-Cabbag Rose
SW0006-Toile Red
SW0007-Decorous Amber
SW0008-Cajun Red
SW0009-Eastlake Gold
SW0011-Crewel Tan
SW0012-Empire Gold
SW0013-Majolica Green
SW0014-Sheraton Sage
SW0019-Festoon Aquad
SW0020-Peacock Plume
SW0023-Pewter Tankard
SW0024-Curtis Gray
SW0026-Rachel Pink
SW0027-Aristocrat Peach
SW0028Caen Stone
SW0030-Colonial Yellow
SW0031-Dutch Tile Blue
SW0033-Rembrandt Ruby
SW0035-Indin White
SW0034-Roycraft Rose
SW0036-Bickram Binding
SW0037-Morris Roman Gray
SW0038-Library Pewter
SW0039-Portrait Tone
SW040-Raycraft Adobe
SW0042-Ruskin Roin Green
SW0043-Peristyle Brass
SW0044-Hubbard Squash
White Hyacinth
SW0050-Class White Buff
SW0051-Classic ivory
SW0055-Light French Gray
SW0054-Twilioght Gray

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